Meet the Family


“The adrenaline is what I love.”

– Coy


The dad of the family started out racing jet skis and traveled the world competing in freeride competitions. While he loves riding the ocean, he now lives with his family in Lake Havasu, Arizona. His life pretty much revolves around jet skiing, including his business TC Freeride where he spends his time building custom jet skis in his shop behind the house.


Dana is the mom and wife of the Curtis family. She’s been in the sport for 22 years, first coming into it when Taylor was starting his freeride career. They traveled together for a decade while Taylor competed and went on freeride trips. She’s watched his passion for the sport grow to become a full-time business and what supports the family. Dana likes to ride the buoys, freeride, and learn to ride in the waves!


Saylor is eight years old and has grown up around the sport of jet skiing. She now rides her own superjet and has taken to racing. She has the best trainer she could ask for: her brother Coy! Saylor loves to go on cove rides with the family and her friends.